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SentenceDesignerCountry / Product
If I could have any farm animal, I would choose a rooster.Italy / clothing, shoes, fragrances, jewelry, sunglasses, home furniture
We tried to feed the sambur berry pudding, but the hungry deer would not get near us.England / clothing, fragrances, sunglasses
The little girl couldn’t reach an elevator button higher than the 15th floor.France / handbags, clothing for her, fragrances, make up, sunglasses
Carla bought roses for her mother and I ordered a dozen for myself.France / luxury handbags, clothing for her, fragrances, sunglasses
The students had to dissect a corpse’s cadaver as part of their Anatomy and Physiology exam.Germany / clothing, fragrances
The public official has been urged to help defend individual rights and freedom. Italy / handbags, clothing, shoes
She argues so much that I don’t even try to have a conversation with her anymore.Germany / clothing for her, clothing for him, accessories
Her message was barely audible above the background noise.France / handbags, clothing, fragrances
The addition of onion and garlic gives the dish, Arroz Blanco Mexicano, more flavor and a smoother mouth-feel than plain steamed rice.France / fragrances
The little bit of chromium I used gave the glass an emerald green color.Italy / clothing for her
By the end of the first day, the divers aced maneuvering in and out of the sunken battle ship.Italy / clothing, fragrances
I finally told Jim my choosing him as a partner evidenced my trust and confidence in his abilities.Malaysia / luxury handbags, elegant shoes

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