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What item is being hidden in hogwarts during the film?
Who Is the headmaster of Hogwarts?
What do first years put on their head to decid what house they go in?
What is the bank called in diagon alley?
What animal is Neville's pet Trevor?
How do first Years reach Hogwarts Castle after getting off the hogwarts express
What subject does Proffessor Quirrell teach?
What Does Quirrell's turban smell like?
What is the name of the pub next to Diagon Alley?
Who Is The Pub's Innkeeper?
What is the name of the goblin that takes Harry to his vault at Gringotts?
What flavour Bertie Botts Beans does George swear he got a flavour of once?
Which Hogwarts Teacher teaches History Of Magic?
What is the name of the three headed dog guarding the trapdoor?
What was Nicolas Flamel's Profession?
What is the address of the Dursley's House?
What town do they live in?
Who is the name of Dudley's friend who in the book, he goes to the zoo with?
Where does Harry sleep whilst staying at the Dursley's
Who does Hagrid borrow the motorbike from, when he delivers Harry to Privet Drive
Who owns the famous wandshop on Diagon Alley?
What is the name of Harry's owl?
What position does Oliver Wood play in the Gryffindor Team?
Who refereed Harry's first Quidditch match?
What is the scar just above Dumbledore's left knee, a perfect representation of?
How many presents did Dudley have at his birthday
How many did he have the year before?
Whereabouts in hogwarts does quirrell say the troll is in, on Halloween evening
What creature do Harry, Malfoy, Hagrid, Hermione and Neville see slain in the Forbidden Forest?
What was the final score in Harry's first quidditch match?
What house was Susan Bones put in?
What Colour wings did the rusty key have, in the protection of the philosopher's stone?
What bone does Neville break when he falls of his broom in the first flying lesson
What can Mcgonagall transform herself into?
Who says this, 'you've got dirt on your nose did you know? Right there.
What toy is Harry playing with, when uncle Vernon is nailing up the letterbox?
What make is Harry's broom?
On what tower do Charlie and his friends come to collect norbert?
How many wizard cards of Dumbledore does Ron say he has?
What does Dumbledore supposedly see, when he looks into the mirror of erised?
Who is the hufflepuff ghost?
Whih famous quidditch team does Ron support?
What do the Dursley's give Harry for Christmas?
How old was Nicolas Flamel in the book?
What is Gryffindor's final house score before the recent events were taken into account?
Who intially had the most points?
What gift do Fred and George give Harry when he is in the hospital wing?
What flavour Bertie botts bean, does Dumbledore taste in the hospital wing?
Who is the old woman who lives opposite the Dursley's
How do the Dursleys tell Harry, his parents died

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