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What was the name of Del Boy's brother in Only Fools and Horses?
What is the name of the pub in Eastenders?
What sort of establishment is Waterloo Road?
In which city is the sitcom Mrs. Brown's Boys set?
Name one of the four Teletubbies?
Name one of the four judges on Strictly Come Dancing?
Complete the title of the comedy series, Live at the...?
Jon Motson did commentaries on which sport?
Which classic comedy series featured the characters Private Pike, Captain Mainwaring and Sergeant Wilson?
Which music programme ran from 1964 to 2006?
On which show would you hear the catchphrase, 'And here's one I made earlier'?
Alan Sugar appears on which TV show?
Who presents the panel quiz show QI?
Name one of three former presenters of Top Gear?
Name one of the presenters of The Generation Game?
Who presents the political panel show Question Time?
How many 'dragons' appear in Dragon's Den?
In which cookery competition do John Torode and Gregg Wallace appear?
The programme Ground Force relates to which subject?
What profession links Huw Edwards and Natasha Kaplinsky?

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