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DescriptionAnswerWhat It Is
Shoots ArrowsMob
When mined becomes cobblestone Block
Villagers live here Structure
An orange crop Food
Made with pumpkinsFood
Drops Wool Mob
Has Mycelium Biome
Is green and grows on the surfaceBlock
It flies and burns at the same timeMob
Drops LeatherMob
Has SquidsBiome
It can be dyed different colorsBlock
Comes from a blazeItem
Is created with 4 planks of woodItem
Yellow and a type of oreBlock
Very cold Block
A shiny blue type of ore Block
Spawns in junglesMob
Can be crafted into breadFood
A drop from a creeperItem
A drop from a skeletonItems
A rare drop from a skeletonItems
A rare drop from a zombieItems
Made from clay Block
Made from oak woodBlock
The Lie Food
Burns anything Block
A field of grass with animalsBiome
Can be found in the jungleStructure
Can be found in the DesertStructure
Can make Yellow dye,FlowerItem
Can make Red dye,FlowerItem
Can make Blue dye,FlowerItem
DescriptionAnswerWhat It Is
Can make Orange dye,FlowerItem
Flower only found in Pocket EditionItem
Dropped from a GhastItem
You get it from mining stone Block
Many flowers and treesBiome
Oak and Birch tress make this upBiome
Melons grow hereBiome
Soaks up waterBlock
A place in The NetherStructure
Found everywhere in The NetherBlock
Tons of stained clay Biome
Kill a pigFood
Also Found in a villageFood
Make up a nether fortressBlock
Crafted from books and woodBlock
Can be made from a PoppyItem
Shoots fireballs, Flies, and is whiteMob
Make up the oceanBlock
Can name thingsItem
A green disc found in dungeonsItem
Lava, NetherRack, Ghasts, etc.Biome
Can enchant thingsBlock
Can combine things, and repairBlock
Zombie combined with pigsMob
1 Diamond, 2 SticksTool
2 Diamonds, 1 StickWeapon
1 Flint 1 Iron IngotWeapon
Can shoot at thingsWeapon
Cuts down trees, and can be used as a weaponWeapon/Tool
3 Diamonds 2 SticksTool
Use it to fishTool
Drop from a spider, Can make woolItem
8 Gold IngotsBlock
8 Iron IngotsBlock
DescriptionAnswerWhat It Is
8 DiamondsBlock
8 RedstoneBlock
8 Lapis Lazuli Block
Mushrooms and bowlsFood
Drop from trees, Not saplingsFood
Apple combined with GoldFood
Gold Apple with blocksFood
Tame horses with themItem
5 Iron ingotsArmor
4 Iron IngotsArmor
7 Iron IngotsArmor
8 Iron IngotsArmor
Can make it to go to the NetherStructure
Created when water touches lavaBlock
Can scoop up water, lava, milkItem
Can give them armorMob
Can be tamedMob
Can be ridden, Not a horseMob
Floats, drops feathersMob
Chickens Drop them Item/Food
Holds ItemsItem
A pictureItem
Break stone Mob
Can be found in swamps hopping aroundMob
Cows drop this when killedFood
When cactus is smeltedItem
Crafted with gunpowder and sandBlock
Grow only on sandItem
Only grows next to waterItem
Gold combined with CarrotsFood
Lives in the endMob
Home to the Ender Dragon Biome

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