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Stan tells viewer stories, abducts viewer
Mystery crew discovers secret society
Dipper, Mabel, and Soos hunt a river monster
Dipper finds magic crystal in forest, gets shrunk by Gideon
Mystery Shack hosts party, Dipper copies himself
Mystery Shack host (another) party, Pines family kill zombies with pop music
Twins and Soos enter Stan's mind, fight triangular cyclops
Soos dates anime computer character, fights animatronic animals
Pines Twins meet a time traveler, Mabel wins a pig
Pines family (and Soos) fall down hole, tell stories
Twins, Soos, and Wendy find fallout shelter, freeze a shapeshifter
Gideon steals Mystery Shack from Stan, gets arrested
Dipper brings arcade character to life, then fights it.
Wax figures come alive, Dipper decapitates Larry King
Mabel goes out with psychic who tries to murder Dipper
Twins go trick-or-treating, almost eaten by candy monster
Mabel and Dipper switch bodies, Soos becomes a pig
Mabel host sock puppet show, demon possesses Dipper's body
Dipper becomes lifeguard, Mabel kisses a merman
Pines Twins meet a president, evade arrest
Mabel adopts boy band
Twins kidnapped by time travelers, play laser tag in the future
Twins go to music festival, steals magic love dust from cherub
Dipper busts ghost, Pacifica turns good (kind of)
Stan arrested for conspiracy, Twins meet 'The Author'
Dipper likes Icelandic pop music, becomes a man.
Pterodactyl kidnaps pig, Stan punches said pterodactyl
Mabel takes over Mystery Shack, Stan loses game show
Pines Twins arrive in Gravity Falls, fight gnomes
Pines Twins go to haunted convenience store, Dipper does Lamby Dance
Mabel and Pacifica play minigolf, fight little golf ball people

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