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What is Jacob's middle name?
What did Jacob sell in University to make money
What sport does Jacob's twin sister Julia do?
What Q&A website does Jacob frequent?
What is language (other than english) does Jacob speak?
What is Jacob's PS4 gamer tag?
What is the name of Jacob's science instagram page?
What is program is Jacob in at Trent University?
What is Jacob's favourite sport?
What is the name of Jacob's ex-girlfriend?
What is the name of a rapper Jacob listens to?
What is Jacob's favourite colour?
What is Jacob's favourite TV show?
What will Jacob dress up as for Halloween in 207 or 2018?
Who is Jacob's best friend from Barrie?
Where did Jacob work during highschool?
What religion is Jacob apart of?
What is the name of one of Jacob's pets?
What is Jacob's favourite movie franchise?
What is the name of one of Jacob's Parents?

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