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What drink is to be consumed during the full-moon meeting?
What is the squad TV show?
What song did we sing at Pigs?
What does Michael do to his leg hair in the shower?
What position does Michael play in rugby?
Name one of our neighbours.
What are one of Michael's favourite movies?
What is the name of Jacob's teddybear?
Who spills their liquids all over the floor whenever they come in?
What is the name of the best barber in town?
Who is the wife?
What city is Steph from?
What did Michael spend over 200$ on at the beginning of the year?
Why doesn't Michael get sick?
What stick n' poke tattoo does Connor have?
What is Michael's military nickname?
What is the name of Jacob's twin sister?
Who is the H house bar tender?
I has a dream, that we were sipping
Who does Jacob have a picture of above his head when he sleeps?
What does michael use to clean his dishes?
Who is the hottest don at Trent University?
Jacob rips phat _______
What is Michael's position in the military?
What is Jacob's biggest mistake from the summer?
'You idiot! You can't use that here! This is a ______________'
What song did Connor save Jacob from the nether to?
What is Jacob banned from doing in H301?
Who is the hottest disney princess?
Connor was not allowed to cut his hair until he...
Where were Michael's quotes proudly hung?
The lads from H301 are _____ dudes. (Think 2016 Michael

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