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QUIZ: Can you name the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?

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Forced Order
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Group 1
Earth Girls Are Easy/Jurassic Park 
Jurassic Park/A Time to Kill 
A Time to Kill/28 Days 
28 Days/A History of Violence 
A History of Violence/Apollo 13 
Apollo 13, with actor above 
Group 2
Alien/Top Gun 
Top Gun/The Saint 
The Saint/The Karate Kid 
The Karate Kid/Honeymoon in Vegas 
Honeymoon in Vegas/Footloose 
Footloose, with actor above 
Group 3
The Maltese Falcon/The Big Sleep 
The Big Sleep/Murder on the Orient Express 
Murder on the Orient Express/Entrapment 
Entrapment/Ocean's Twelve 
Ocean's Twelve/Flatliners 
Flatliners, with actor above 
Group 4
Tropic Thunder/Pineapple Express 
Pineapple Express/Talladega Nights 
Talladega Nights/Boogie Nights 
Boogie Nights/Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me/Mystic River 
Mystic River, with actor above 
Group 5
Paycheck/Batman and Robin 
Batman and Robin/Predator 
Predator/Rocky IV 
Rocky IV/Blues Brothers 
Blues Brothers/Animal House 
Animal Hosue, with actor above 
Group 6
The River Wild/A Few Good Men 
A Few Good Men/The Whole Nine Yards 
The Whole Nine Yards/Armageddon 
Armageddon/Dr. T and the Women 
Dr. T and the Women/Novocaine 
Novocaine, with actor above 

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