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standard battle tankis used by the imperium of man
main space marine battle tankcan have a double lascannon on it
space marine transporteronly weapon is smoke canisters
no.3 with a rocket launcher on itis very mobile but quite fragile
variant of no.3 with AA canonused as a squad with no.6 and no.7
no.3 with AA quadruple gunsused as a squad with no.5 and no.7
giant armored space marine vehiclehas many varients with different canons
2 legged armored vehiclehas giant fists or has explosive guns
is a transporter with a giant gun on the frontalso has a digger scoop around the gun
armored version of no.3has a bunch of spikes on the front and guns on the top
scout hover speedernormally has 2 crew
small armored gunshiphas 2 giant turbines on it
bigger version of no.13has a lot of lascanons and machine guns at the front

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