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HintAnswerextra info
Was one of the first Star Destroyersknown for its Large amount of fighters
Darth Vader's command shipwas a super star destroyer
is a super star destroyerhas a giant superlaser on the front
is the smallest super star destroyerhas a mini superlaser
first version of well known star destroyeris relatively big
second version of well known star destroyeris relatively big
normal star destroyer 1st versionmissile was its main arnement
normal star destroyer 2nd versionmissile was its main arnement
large mile long star destroyer no 1one of empires first star destroyer
large mile long star destroyer no 2one of empires first star destroyer
the very first wedge shape destroyertroop transport and planetary landing craft
had 4 huge bulbs on its hullthe bulbs are gravity well projectors
was used the same time as 7 and 8quite an old star destroyer
used by the first orderfixed many problems with star destroyers
was similar to 9 and 10had no ventral hangar bay
small star destroyer was similar to broadside class
used just after clone warshad powerful laser batteries
was a troop producing craftmade death troopers for the empire
star dreadnought used in clone warswas a giant capital ship
19km long super star destroyerwas a narrow and different version to other super star destroyers
had amazing arnement and shield technologyhad a wedg shape that was sleek but contained huge fighter capacity
HintAnswerextra info
is the most well known star wars super weaponhas a giant super laser on it
is a super weapon that is litrally a planethas a giant laser which draws energy form the sun
is the empires primary star fighterhas twin ion engines
is the ultimate imperial fighterhas more laser cannons than a normal fighter
well known imperial shuttlecan transport over 50 soldiers
4 legged walkerutilised during many major planetary battles
a cargo varient of 27biggest appearance during the battle of Scarif
is a varient of 24used during the battle of Scarif
main bomb carrying fighterhad 2 hulls: one for the crew and one for the bomb bay
was a fighter prototypeused by Vader at the battle of Yavin
a drone varient of 24didnt need a organic pilot
was an imperial fighter/dropshipwas used at the battle of Scarif
had 6 wingshas quite good firepower
is a track propelled vehicleused in Rogue One
Known as the 'chicken walker'2 legged vehicle
6 legged clone wars walkerhad 7 total laser turrets
scout 2 legged walkerhad only one laser canon
main republic attack fighterhad a laser canon on each wing
used by Jediwas a small one man aircraft
Rebublic dropshipcarried troops
Rebublic cargo dropshipcarried tanks

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