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Can you name Alvinnn!!! songs from season 2?

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Dog Days
Dragon Dad
Members Only
The New Kid
Simon the Superb
The Sub
Lights, Camera, Uh Oh
Wax Dave
Brittany the Body Snatcher
Agent Smith
Baby Whisperer
Let's Make a Deal
Munk Man
Ride Along
Alvin's Wild Weekend
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Switch Witch
Double Trouble
Liar Liar
Suck Toad
Secret Admirer
The Orb
The Music Box
Special Delivery
Missing Miss Smith
Monster Madness
Super Girls
Held Back
It's My Party
Keeping Up With the Humphries
We're the Chipmunks
Save The Dance
The Temp
Parent Trap
Snake Charmer
Summer Camp
Blabber Mouth
Brothers of Dagarack
Wish Upon a Star
Jeanette's Secret Garden
Treasure Hunt
He Said, She Said
Attack of the Zombies
Wacky Wednesday
The Chipmunk and the Catfish
Time Flies
Prank Calls

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