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QUIZ: Can you name Players in the PQL?

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Forced Order
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Quarters Vulcan
The Kid
If sucking is a part of his game, it's only after too many beers
Negative QBR
His QT results: Last/didnt play/Sober Team/1st Place
If this body part was his penis, it wouldn't work
Only other player on this list part of a QT double-around-the-world
The most amazing drunk quarters player in the history of the game
Essentially drops it into the cup
In college, would miss a shot, punch the wall, and blame both on his hand
Minor league leader across the board
Much better at quarters than fantasy football
Can't stand Rob making GSR's
(at 11:30) 'QT's at noon? better start drinking.'
Drawn with DuPuis, switched out for Mead, might be better than both
Been around the game the longest, never played
The only thing he can't rebuttal is a UT Loss
Tournament namesake
Essentially drops it into the cup
'Shocking' if you don't get this
Quarters founder

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