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Vocabulary Pg. 193-223
towing very sensitive instruments
cylindrically shaped upwelling of hot rock
when rocks exhibit the same magnetism as the present magnetic field
winds through all of the major oceans in a manner similar to the seams of a baseball
another ame for fossil magnetism
named a supercontinent this name
at depth of roughly 100 kilometers, the wedge of mantle rock is sufficiently hot that the introduction of water from the slab
led to the unfolding of a far more encompassing theory than contienental drift
gravitey-devian mechanism results from the elevated positions of the oceanic ridge
whereas rocks exhibiting the opposite magnetism
Vocabulary Pg. 193-223
along the axis of some ridge segments is a deep down-faulted structure
the mechanism that operates along the oceanic ridge system to create new seafloor
as these slabs sink into the asthenosphere, they 'pull' the trailing plate along
another word for divergent boundries
covergent boundries are also called this
consisting of all Earth's landmasses once existed
another word for lithosphereic plates
two plates grind past each other without the production or destruction of lithosphere
the newly formed land consisting of an arc-shaped chain of volcanic islands

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