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Can you name the the uppermost mantle and the overlaying crust behave as strong, raid layer?

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Chapter 7194-223 pages
the uppermost mantle and the overlying crust behave as strong, raid layer
overlies a weak region in the mantle
which dared to challenge the long-held assumption that the continents and oceans basins had fixed geographicpositions
as tectonic forces continue to pull the crust apart, these crustal fragments sink, generating an elongated depression
mountain systems, such as the Andes, which are produced in part by volcanic activity assosiated with the subduction of oceanic lithosphere
where two pates move together, resulting in oceanic lithosphere descending beneath an overriding plate, eventually to be reabsorbed into the mantle or possibly in the collision of
baslatic lavas erupt at the surface at tempatures of 1000C, exceeding a thresshold tempature for magnetism
is the surface manifestations produced as oceanic lithosphere decends into the mantle
where two plates move apart, resulting in upwelling of hot material from the mantle to create new seafloor
Chapter 7194-223 pages
rocks that formed thousands or millions of years ago and contain a 'record' of the direction of the magnetic poles at the time of their formation
transform faults are part of prominent linear breaks in the seafloor
an area of volcanism, high heat flow, and crustal upliftings
a chain of volganic structures
newly formed land consisting of an arc shaped chain of volcanic islands
te lithosphere is composed of about a two dozen segments having irregular sizes and shapes , they are constant in motion
the north magnetic pole becomes the south magnetic pole, and vice versa
time scale of Earth's magnetic field in the recent past, established for the past few million years

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