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From the continent of Aldmeris, the (now extinct) 'First Ones' are the ancestor race of all Elvenkind. They, like the first Men, are direct descendants of the Ehlnofey. 
'The Cultured or High Ones' come from Summerset Isle. 
An extinct off-shoot of the First Ones that lived in, and ruled over, the heartlands of Tamriel (Cyrodiil). They built the White Gold Tower. 
They inhabit the wooded areas in southwest Tamriel (Valenwood). 
This extinct race inhabited Black Marsh. They were, by some accounts, wiped out by disease in 2E 560. 
The 'Changed Ones' were Daedra worshippers, who settled Velothi/Resdayn (now Morrowind). A war fundamentally altered their race. 
Long time enemies of the Nords and now-extinct Dwemer, they inhabit Morrowind, primarily the island Vvardenfell. 
The 'Deep Ones,' known for their architecture and technology, lived primarily underground on Vvardenfell and mysteriously disappeared in the Second Era. 
The Deep Ones are responsible for enslaving this race, turning all but a few into blind, violent creatures that inhabit their now-abandoned structures.  
They created an empire four times as large as the Septim Empire on the island-continent of Yokuda, presumably disappearing with its destruction in the First Era. 
They inhabit the island-continent Pyandonea, practice snake-magic and, allegedly, have skin with 'chameleon-like' properties. 
The primarily tribal 'Pariah Ones' (also split directly from the First Ones), were changed into their current form by Malacath, inhabit Orsinium in High Rock. 
Native to the continent Akavir, this possibly Oriental culture was highly involved in many historical events and may have been destroyed by a race of serpent-Men. 
From the frozen continent of Atmora, north of Tamriel, before they migrated to Skyrim and became another race. 
Primarily magic users, they descend from both Mer and Man and originated in High Rock. 
'Well-educated and well-spoken' inhabitants of Cyrodiil. Responsible for taking control of Tamriel. 
There is no knowledge of this very early, extinct race of Men. 
These Men, with metallic skin, inhabited Black Marsh. They were destroyed by disease at the start of the Third Era. 
They lived throughout Tamriel. Those in Cyrodiil were slaves of the Mer who built the White Gold Tower and their descendants remain. 
'Tall, fair-haired' frost-resistant warrior race from Skyrim. 
This often-blind race were native to Black Marsh. 
Originally from Yokuda, this warrior-race now hails from Hammerfell. 
Reptilian, disease-resistant race from Black Marsh. 
A once-extinct race from Akavir that resurfaced in Skyrim during the Fourth Era. 
Large Man-like creatures in Skyrim and High Rock. 
Tribal, blue-and-green, often-cave-dwelling creatures from Cyrodiil. 
Sentient, hive-minded trees from Black Marsh. 
Idolizers of the High Ones from Valenwood. 
Tiger-like cat-folk from Akavir. 
Agile and stealthy cat-people from Elsweyr. 
Extinct, tribal fox-Men from Black Marsh. 
Beautiful, naked, Woman-like creatures that inhabit Tamriel. 
Tribal, cave-dwelling creatures from the island of Solstheim in Morrowind. 
Slug-like necromancers from the 'semi-submerged' continent of Thras. 
Simian inhabitants of Thousand Monkey Isles near Akavir. 
Serpent-Men from Akavir, potentially responsible for the destruction of Men on the continent. 
The descendants of the Aedra and ancestors to both Men and Mer. 
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