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Episode Info/ #CityFood Eaten
172 oz steak
27.5 pound burger
3Atomic Hot Wings
42.5 pound dagwood sandwich and 1 pound of fries
58 breakfast tacos
63 over stuffed sandwiches
711 pound pizza (w/ partner)
812 pound Eagle Burger
9Spicy Phaal (really hot curry)
1015 dozen oysters
11five habanero chile cheese fritters
1212 egg omlet
13hot ramen soup w/ 10 kinds of chile
145, 24 oz milk shakes
1512 hot wings in habanero chile
167 pound monster burrito
1717 hot dogs
18one meter german bratwurst w/ sides
19Four Horsemen ( Burger w/ ghost chile)
206 pound burrito
21spicy tuna sushi
222 gallons of ice cream
Episode Info/ #CityFood Eaten
23food & sport triathalon
24Pancake challenge
25chicken wings w/ ghost chile
265 pound cheesesteak
27 (Baseball Episode)Fifth Third Burger
28Firebrand Chile
29Burger w/ hot dog,pastrami,chile & cheese fries/milkshake
306 pound milkshake & 1.5 pound sandwich
315 cuts of steak, = 74 oz
32190 pound burger w/ 40 man team
33Suicide Six Wings
34Alaskan King Krab, sausage, salmon cakes, sides
35spicy pulled pork
3612 patties topped w/ cheese
37five stuffed sandwiches
3810 pound stuffed pizza w/ partner
3912 egg omlet
4050 wings
414 pound grilled cheese
42stupid wings challenge
43spicy tuna rolls
4412 beef brisket- potato pancake sliders
Episode Info/ #CityFood Eaten
45 (taken place in a territory of the U.S)8 pound sirloin steak platter
467 pounds of seafood and sides
47fried catfish
485 pound smoked meat hoagie & 1.5 pound of fries
49four 1.5 burgers
50 (Jersey Shore Cities)Ludicrous wings challenge
51Frittata challenge
52Ochoburger, hot dogs, fries, soda, & shake
5310 course meal
545 pound stomboli
555 pound chile dog platter
56Adam Emmenecker Sandwich
574 pound burrito, side, desert
585 pounds of loaded nachos
5910 grilled cheeses w/ toppings
6010 habanero-capsaicin chicken wings
6172-ounce steak, baked potato, side salad and Texas toast
62pizza topped with jalapeƱos, habaneros, wasabi, Sriracha & ghost chili
638-pound beef-and-bean burrito smothered with chili sauce and fries
64422 Alabama oysters in under 1 hour
Live EpisodeDon Shula's 48 oz steak

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