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How well do you know the story of 4 boys from Castle Rock?

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Who forgets the secret knock?>
Narrator of film?(Actor)>
'So whats with you and this ______ _______ chick?>
'Oh Billy, I think i just turned my fruit of the looms into a _____ _______!'>
'I just wish...that I could go someplace where ______ _____ __.'>
How many kids does vern have in the end?>
Actor who plays Gordie lachance?>
Actor who plays Chris chambers?>
Name of Gordies brother?>
'Dad, they're okay' 'Sure they are. _ _____ ___ ___ _____.'>
Name of verns brother?>
Name of fictional town?>
Year the film was released?>
Amount of money the boys all had all together?>
'Suck my fat one you _____ ____-_____ ____'>
Name of diner where the gun goes off?>
What flavour was the pie in Gordies story?>
How long did Vern lose his pennies? (so far)>
What teacher did Chris go to to confess stealing the milk money?>
'It happened in the summer of ____... a long time ago'>

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