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How well do you know the story of the seven seas?

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Name of Jacks Father?
Who is Jacks arch-nemesis? (Main one)
What is Calypsos human name?(Name she goes by)
Upon what was Captain Jack Sparrow born?
Who is the 'Ruler of the ocean depths'?
True or False: Elizabeth Turner has a son
True or False: James Norrington was killed by Cutler Beckett
True or False: Captain Barbossa loves pears
True or False: The role of Blackbeard is played by Ian Mcshane
True or False: Jack was marooned on 'Isla de muerta'
What was the name of the geezer Jack Sparrow sailed with who lost both arms and part of his eye?
Which famous actress made a brief cameo in 'On stranger tides', during the carriage scene?
In what year did 'The curse of the Black Pearl' release?
How many pieces of 8 are there?
Whats the name of the song the mermaids sing in 'On stranger tides'
Who is Blackbeards first mate?
How old was Elizabeth the first time she saw the Black Pearl?
Who was Davy Jones in love with?
What is the name of Barbossas monkey?
What colour is the flash when a soul comes back to this world from the dead?

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