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three headed dog who guarded the gates in hell
half man half bull
half bird half human
woman with snake hair
cut one head off many grow back
huge sea monster
half lion half goat with snake tail
half eagle half lion
look into its eyes you turn to stone and poison breath
hercules fought this lion
huge monster usually holding a club :)
big human with one eye
medusa was one of these
half horse half human
half goat half human
half fish half human
half tree half human
half bird half horse
horse with a single horn
lion with tail spikes, sometimes depicted with a mans face
two headed serpent tailed dog, slain by hercules
lover of poseidon who was transformed into a many headed tentacled monster that fed on sailors by circe
three beautiful mermaids that lured sailors to their death and demise
a giant boar that hercules was sent to kill for one of his labors
a golden red flaming bird that when it died it gave birth to new one
body of a lion, wings of a bird and face of a woman
an immortal horse that could run at blinding speeds
sea creatures with the fore parts of horses and tails of fish
a sea monster who's inhalations formed whirlpools
skilled metal workers with heads of dogs and flippers of seals

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