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Can you name these minecraft mobs???

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These humanoid non-living creatures are the remains of once good warriors
These bony creatures have a ranged weapon... dont get surrounded
With these hostile enemies a bane of arthropods sword would be great.
Do not go anywhere near your house with these four legged green tnt containing freaks of nature!
Dont look at them, just dont.
This guy is two mobs put together, so be careful
Get your sheers and have fun
These nice pink creatures would be a perfect pet... to kill for food
These guys think they can fly and they also think they are a duck
This passive farm animal is great for meat and armor
These awesome mobs are great for transportation
These guys are also good for transportation and carrying your crap!
This is a mix of numbers eleven and twelve.
Need black dye? Kill these guys!
Look out for this hostile mob, maybe one of the most hostile out there looks kinda like a giant, white, flying octopus.
This is a mix of a friendly and hostile.
This guys name explains what he does
Pretty much burning cubes of fire
Same as number eighteen but not on fire
Another bony mess but this time with a sword
This extremely hostile mob you create and is highly dangerous
You win!
Frosty The Snowman!
Protect the peasants!
Even a bigger freak... With an ever bigger explosion.
These guys are fungis!
Humanoid and female with hairy warts!
Completely useless but cute!
Get those creepers!!!
A mans best friend
If you hit them the whole pack is gonna hit you
Only mob in the jungle
This is why abandoned mineshafts are dangerous
Small but painful

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