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QUIZ: Can you name the Jungle Animal?

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I like bananas! :)
These may look small but are highly poisonous.
Very colorful amphibians.
Huge primates.
I'm not venomous, yet ill strangle you to death!
Also not poisonous but will stop you from breathing.
I'm a small primate but my eyes are huge!
Kind of like a smaller elephant.
A medium sized primate with orange colored hair
People have these primates as pets... BAD IDEA!!!!
Primates with a black and white striped tail, was in Madagascar the movie.
A rainbow colored bird that can be used as a pet and can talk.
A beautiful flying insect of all colors.
A pretty looking bird that is usually fairly colorful.
This big cat is the jungle's predator, has spots.
Another big cat predator,most have black fur.
These arachnids are sometimes owned as a household pet and are very furry.
These mammals are very slow and cool.
They are not birds, they are mammals.
You picture these large reptiles in swamps.

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