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What department store sponsors the annual Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City?Entertainment
The day after Thanksgiving, when stores have deals on video games and other electronics, is more commonly known as what?Gaming
The first Thanksgiving took place in what present-day US state?Geography
What US president made Thanksgiving an official holiday in 1863?History
Canadian Thanksgiving takes place on the second Monday of what month?Holiday
What part of the turkey is saved and snapped as a superstitious good luck custom?Just For Fun
In what language is Thanksgiving known as Erntedankfest?Language
What famous American poet wrote 'One day is there of the series, Termed “Thanksgiving Day”, Celebrated part at table, Part in memory'?Literature
The Pilgrims arrived in North America in 1621 on what famous ship?Micellaneous
John Candy and Steve Martin starred in what 1987 comedy about trying to get home for Thanksgiving?Movies
Whose house is mentioned in the classic Thanksgiving song/poem 'Over the River and Through the Wood'?Music
The Pilgrims who founded the Plymouth colony came to North America in order to separate from what church?Religion
Production of what sleep-inducing chemical in the human body is often mistakenly thought to be boosted by consuming turkey?Science
What NFL team has played the most games all-time on Thanksgiving Day?Sports
Gobbles is a trick-performing turkey from what animated comedy series?Television

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