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Can you name the Olympic Host Cities?

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1896Summer I
1900Summer II
1904Summer III
1906Summer IV
1908Summer V
1912Summer VI
1916Summer VII
1920Summer VII
1924Winter I
1924Summer VIII
1928Winter II
1928Summer IX
1932Winter III
1932Summer X
1936Winter IV
1936Summer XI
1948Winter V
1948Summer XIV
1952Winter VI
1952Summer XV
1956Winter VII
1956Summer XVI
1960Winter VIII
1960Summer XVII
1964Winter IX
1964Summer XVIII
1968Winter X
1968Summer XIX
1972Winter XI
1972Summer XX
1976Winter XII
1976Summer XXI
1980Winter XIII
1980Summer XXII
1984Winter XIV
1984Summer XXIII
1988Winter XV
1992Winter XVI
1992Summer XXV
1994Winter XVII
1996Summer XXVI
1998Winter XVIII
2000Summer XXVII
2002Winter XIX
2004Summer XXVIII
2006Winter XX
2008Summer XXIX
2010Winter XXI
2012Summer XXX
2014Winter XXII

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