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Tough quiz for die hard fans of the classic comedy.

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What was responsible for Rodney falling off his skateboard?
What was the name of the rookie policeman told off for playing with the siren?
in which episode is Raquel seen eating fried bread?
What was the name of the room the trotters had when they stayed at the Villa Bella?
In the episode 'A losing streak' Which racecourse did Del say Grandad had a 25/1 winner at?
which tennis open did Del say Rodney beat Jimmy Connely in the final?
What is the name of the policewoman Rodney dates in the episode 'The Long Legs Of The Law'?
In the famous chandelier episode 'A Touch Of Glass' what is the surname of the Lord and Lady in the episode?
Which fruit was mentioned in the episode 'Yesterday Never Comes'?
What was the name of Trigger's grandmother?
What is the name of the club that Del secures a gig at for Rodney's band in 'It's Only Rock and Roll'
The actor who portrayes Max Branning in Eastenders also appeared in which episode of Only Fools and Horses?
Where was Del when he crashed his hanglider into a TV transmitter?
Where did Rodney and Cassandra go on their honeymoon?
Del and Rodney have a game of 'I Spy' What is the only answer they come up with?
In the final episode what is the name of the Robson and Jerome tribute act?
In which episode does Rodney get a slap across the face from an angry woman?
Which 2 keys are missing when Del gets Rodney a typewriter in the episode 'Video Nasty'?
Del once Accused Uncle Albert of performing the 3rd act from which musical?
What was the surname of Albert who's funeral the Trotters attend by mistake?
Raquel attended an audition for which Shakespere play?
Poor Gary found Del's Curry too hot, what did Del Boy call his culinary creation?
In the episode in which tap water is sold as Peckham spring water what is the very last word uttered during that episode?
Del Boy got Boycie some tickets for Wimbledon, they drew 0-0 with which football team?
When The Trotter have a game of Monopoly, which property did Rodney land on when Del tried to 'put him in the penthouse suite'?
'Where would you like to land?' is a line from which episode?
The Trotters have a holiday in Benidorm during 'It Never Rains' Also Benidorm is mentioned by Del in the episode 'Miami Twice', in which other episode is Benidorm mentioned?
What is Cassandra's middle name?
What is the first word ever heard from the character 'Roy Slater'?

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