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Additional informationEpisodeSeries
Series One Episode 1Introduction of the 9th Doctor and Rose
Serise One Episode 2First appearence of Cassandra and the Face of Boe
Series One Episode 3
Series One Episode 4First appearance of the Slitheen. Reintrodution to UNIT
Series One Episode 5
Series One Epiosde 6Reappearance of the Daleks. Introduction to Adam Mitchell
Series One Epiosde 7Last appearance of Adam Mitchell
Series One Episode 8
Series One Episode 9First appearance of Jack Harkness
Series One Episode 10
Series One Episode 11Reappearance of the Slitheen
Series One Episode 12
Series One Episode 13Last Appearnace of Jack Harkness and the ninth Doctor. Intorduction ot the tenth Doctor
Interactive EpisodeNot in the official list. First appearance of teh Graske
2005 Children in Need SpecialNot in the official list
2005 Christmas Special
Series Two Episode 1Reappearance of Cassandra and the Face of Boe
Series Two Episode 2
Series Two Episode 3Reintroduction of Sarah Jane Smith. Mickey Joins
Series Two Episode 4
Series Two Episode 5Reintroduction of the Cybermen
Series Two Episode 6Final appearance of Mickey Smith
Series Two Episode 7
Series Two Episode 8First appearance of the Ood
Series Two Episode 9
Series Two Episode 10
Series Two Episode 11
Series Two Episode 12Reappearance of the Daleks and the Cybermen
Series Two Episode 13Reintroduction of Mickey. Final appearance of Rose, Mickey and Jackie
2006 Christmas SpecialFirst appearance of Donna Noble
Series Three Episode 1Intorduction of Martha Jones
Series Three Episode 2
Series Three Episode 3Final appearance of the Face of Boe
Series Three Episode 4Reappearance of the Daleks
Series Three Episode 5
Additional informationEpisodeSeries
Series Three Episode 6
Series Three Episode 7
Animated SpecialNot in official list
Series Three Episode 8
Series Three Episode 9
Series Three Episode 10First appearance of the Weeping Angels
Series Three Episode 11Reintroduction to the Master. Reintroduction to Jack Harkness
Series Three Episode 12
Series Three Episode 13Last appearance of the Master, Martha and Jack
2007 Children in Need SpecialReintroduction to the fifth Doctor
2007 Christmas Special
Series Four Episode 1Reintroduction to Donna Noble
Series Four Episode 2
Series Four Episode 3Reappearance of the Ood
Series Four Episode 4Reintroduction to the Sontarans. Reintroduction to Martha Jones and UNIT
Series Four Episode 5
Series Four Episode 6Last Appearance of Matha Jones
Series Four Episode 7
Series Four Episode 8First Appearance of River Song
Series Four Episode 9
Series Four Episode 10
Series Four Episode 11Reintroduction to Rose Tyler and UNIT
Series Four Episode 12Reappearances from Martha, Jack, Jackie, Sarah Jane, Mickey. Reintroduction of Davros. Reappearance of the Daleks
Series Four Episode 13Last appearance of Davros and the Daleks. Last appearance of Rose, Donna, Martha, Jack, Mickey
BBC Proms Special
2008 Christmas Special
2009 Easter SpecialReappearance of UNIT
2009 Autumn SpecialReappearence of the Ood
2009 Animated Special
2009 Christmas SpecialReintroduction to the Master, Wilfred and Donna. Reappearacne of the Ood
2010 New Year SpecialReintroduction of the timelords. Final appearance of The Time lords, the master and the tenth Doctor. First Appearance of the Eleventh Doctot
Series Five Episode 1First appearance of Amy and Rory
Series Five Plug in Episode
Series Five Episode 2First appearance of Liz Ten and Winston Churchill
Series Five Episode 3Reappearance of Winston Churchill. Reintroduction to the Daleks
Additional informationEpisodeSeries
Series Five Episode 4Reintroduction to the Weeping Angels and Reappearance of River Song
Series Five Episode 5
Series Five Episode 6
Series Five Episode 7
Series Five Episode 8Reintroduction to the Silurians
Series Five Episode 9
Series Five Episode 10First appearance of Vincent Van Gogh
Series Five Episode 11First Appearance of Cragi Owens
Series Five Episode 12Reappearance of Liz Ten, Churchill, Vincent Van Gogh and River Song. First appearance of the Alliance
Series Five Episode 13Final appearance of River and the Daleks
2010 Christmas Special
2011 Comic Relief Special
2011 Comic Relief Special
Series Six Episode 1Reappearance of River Song. Introduction to the Silence
Series Six Episode 2First appearance of Madame Kovarian
Series Six Episode 3First appearance of Henry Avery and Toby
Series Six Episode 4Reappearance of the Ood
Series Six Episode 5
Series Six Episode 6
Series Six Episode 7First appearance of Melody Pond. Reappearance of River and Madame Kovarian, Henry Avery and Toby. First Apperance of Strax, Madame Vashtra and Jenny
Series Six Episode 8Reappearance of Melody Pona and River. First Appearance of the Tesselecta
Series Six Episode 9
Series Six Episode 10
Series Six Episode 11Reappearance of the Weeping Angles
Series Six Episode 12Reappearance of the Cybermen, Craig Owens, the Silence, Kovarian and River
Series Six Episode 13Reappearance of River
Script to Screen SpecialNot in official list. Reappearance of the Ood
Series Six Additional SpecialNot in official list
2011 Christmas Special
2012 Olympic SpecialNot in official list. Reappearance of the Weeping Angles
Series Seven Episode 1Reappearance of the Daleks
Series Seven Episode 2
Series Seven Episode 3
Series Seven Episode 4Reappearance of UNIT
Series Seven Episode 5Reappearance of the weeping Angels and River. Last Appearance of Amy and Rory

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