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Forced Order
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hintextra info
Coolest person to ever grace the flat
The ninth and tenth members of the flat in sem 1 2010
Term used for how many drinks you've had created by the boss. I've had a few ..... ..... ..... (3)
Person solely guilty of eating Adrian's pizza
The number flat where survivors arrived with buffs and holding their torches
Only known person to celebrate 21st birthday in the flat
The Discount Warehouse
**** idiot
Walking into the room one may find
hintextra info
The next Christiano Ronaldo
Known for knocking angrily on doors in the morning and saying 'I dont give a **** what you were doing!'
This type of woman tried to seduce the resident in room 8 by spanking him
Little treat often left in the bathroom sink by number 5
X-T5 all purpose spy robot deployed by the chinese government on a covert operation in australia is also known by this name
Was very proud of hugo when he got baptised like a moron
After a big night out on the jager todd desecrated the flat in this

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