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LyricSong TitleBand
I woke up in the age of wires / I fell asleep at the dusk of manMystic Valley Band
So don't search too long for that Aztec gold / Like gold Cortez, gonna lose your soulMonsters of Folk
The bitch she lies to me / You always lied to meCommander Venus
And they can dress dead bodies up in tight designer jeans / Diesel, Prada, it looks good!Desaparecidos
You can do it, just not all the time / Hiding in your room, you'll be feeling fineMystic Valley Band
White pins where you've been / There isn't even ten / And you're already feeling oldMonsters of Folk
Just let me have my coffee, before you take away the dayMystic Valley Band
Can't tell north from south but no split hairs gonna get me downMonsters of Folk
Lace those shoes / Take the first step / Take the next step / That's a boy! Mystic Valley Band
I'll just slide back down to the bottom / While you make your place in the hillsMystic Valley Band
So no one starves in this cattle town / The semis pass making squealing sounds Desaparecidos
Hear the big church bell / It's ringing like a mobile phoneMystic Valley Band
You said you want to die / Now you say you want to liveDntel
What good are you with your cynical plague and your Arlington tomb?Mystic Valley Band
It's crowded at the back door / How we getting to the bus?Mystic Valley Band
Picking up speed, picking up the pieces / Losing leaves in every seasonMonsters of Folk
I don't want to wear no dead man's suit / I don't want to wait until the moon gets blueMystic Valley Band
LyricSong TitleBand
I know that troubles have been your good friends / Catch your company on the weekendsMystic Valley Band
And if they need a better reason, tell 'em we got living proof!Monsters of Folk
The devil's in my coat / Mothership coming to pick me up / Just my luckMystic Valley Band
A lifetime gets chalked up to an experience / Coincidence, we are chained to the events, that's it!Desaparecidos
What gauge measures miracles? Whose heartbeat's electrical?Mystic Valley Band
He brought his pad and his pencil / Poured himself some gypsy teaMystic Valley Band
I can tell the kid has been crying, he puts his mouth on a pacifierPark Ave.
Can you get this tube out of my arm / Morphine in my blood like a slow sad songMystic Valley Band
While the ashes of the dead, like a dandelion head / Explode and then are scattered by the breezeMystic Valley Band
They're screaming in the calle that there are stars about to fallMonsters of Folk
The human race is in its second childhood / I never learn but I understoodMystic Valley Band
But in a town like this, in the chequered flag dawn / It's so empty you could make somebody dreamMystic Valley Band
The roar of the lion logo on the screen / He's hungry / I should buy some popcorn Desaparecidos
I watched your face die backwards / Little baby in my memoryMystic Valley Band
From gentle soul to sad and stoned / No one wants to be aloneMystic Valley Band
Please!Monsters of Folk

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