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Can you name the Arrested Development characters by their description?

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The one son who has no choice but to keep them all together
His twin sister (or is she)
His older brother
His son
His niece (or is she)
His younger brother
His brother-in-law
His father
His mother
His uncle
His adopted brother
His lawyer (first two seasons)
His lawyer (third season)
His secretary (for most of the series)
His business model and secretary
His mother's neighbor and chief social rival
His son's girlfriend
His nephew
His former prosecutor and love interest
His possible lawyer and prosecutor
His mother's private eye
His father's prison love intererst/government mole
His older brother's bounty hunter/friend
His father's friend who teaches him lessons
His chief business rival
His chief business rival's daughter and former love interest
His British former love interest
His older brother's idol as a magician
His mother's housekeeper
His niece's boss as a film executive
His older brother's wife
His brother's former girlfriend who he loved
His father's surrogate
His brother-in-law's acting coach
His fake uncle
His son's teacher and his former love interest
His family's publicist
His father's prison tormenter
His son's teacher at Openings (one of five quintuplets)
His doctor (the best in the county/state/world etc.)
His father's mock trial 'Judge'
His father's friend in prison (he's a flamer)
His accountant
His possible sister but actual prostitute
His brother's puppet
His brother-in-law's alter ego as a housekeeper
His niece's alter ego as a sick girl
Maker of the 'Girls With Low Self-Esteem' videos
Prison warden
Head of the Magician's Alliance
Homless guy/actor who just wants his kids back
Star of the hit TV show 'Wrench'
News reporter in the field
The show's narrator

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