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Character DescriptionCharacter Name
The dry voice
Cherek High Priest of Belar.
Cherek ambassador in Tol Honeth
Full name of the Orb; a globe shaped stone no larger than the heart of a child; stolen by Torak One-Eye when he smote the original owner
Unhappy wife of the Earl of Trellheim
wife of the first disciple
Bear god of the Alorns
The Grolim High Priest; destroyed himself during a fight with the Eternal Man
Husband of Faldor's daughter
King of Drasnia
Ulgo diviner; can walk through stone
The Witch of the Fens.
Founder and first king of the Drasnia
Exiled Cherek traitor
King of the Thulls
Duchess of Erat; Sorceress whose hair was long and very dark-almost black-all but one lock just above her left brow which was white as new snow
Queen of Drasnia
Queen of the Nyissans; all queens of Nyissa have this name
Founder and first king of Riva on the Isle of the Winds.
First disciple; Eternal Man; Mister Wolf
chief huntsman of the king of cherek
Small, thin, and constantly talking; Dies at the battle at Thull Mardu; introduced as a boyhood friend of the overlord of the west
King of Cherek
The heir to the Rivan throne; one of the main characters in the series
Ambassor of Tolnedra after the Battle of Vo Mimbre
Emperor Ran Borune's head chamberlain
Cousin of the heir to the Rivan throne
Algarian queen
Earl of Trellheim; Clan Chief of the Chereks; Dreadful Bear
Character DescriptionCharacter Name
God of the Marags
Faldor's only daughter
Drasnia merchant and spy; had lead coins
An Eldrak, a monster related to trolls and algroths.
King of the Nadraks
Twin Sorcerers; disciples of the eldest of the seven gods
Chief of Drasnian intelligence
King of Sendaria
Blind Cherek witch and seer
The emperor of Mallorea
Most likely successor to Ran Borune at the time the Belgariad opens
Queen of Arendia; all queens of Arendia have taken this name since Vo Mimbre
Tolnedran ambassador to the Rivan Court
Rivan. Youngest son of the rivan warder
Rivan armorer; made armor for the queen of the world
Queen of the Dryads
Ulgo chief priest and leader. All who hold this position use the title/name
Sendarian owner of the farm that the overlord of the west grew up on
The smith at Faldor's farm; the man with two lives
Bull god of the Arends
Servant of Torak and one of the chief priests of the Grolims; The figure in black that watched Garion through his childhood.
Chief Eunuch of Queen Salmissra
Adopted son of the King of Algaria; Sha-Dar
Cherek boat builder
Drasnian spy, juggler and acrobat, thief and assassin; a Prince of the royal house of Drasnia
Eldest of the seven gods; created the orb
The Angarak name for the Orb
Dagashi assassin and spy; farmhand in beginning of Pawn of Prophecy
Snake god of the Nyissans
Character DescriptionCharacter Name
One of the Tolnedran dynastic families, and current holders of the Imperial crown.
Emperor of Tolnedra
The King of Arendia; all kings of Arendia have taken this name since Vo Mimbre
First king of Sendaria and farmer
Second disciple; Turned traitor and became a servant of Torak.
Cherek seaman and ship's captain; usually is drunk
Asturian bowman; Son of the Baron of Wildantor
A disciple of the eldest of the seven gods; A dwarf 'sorcerer'
Dragon god of the Angaraks
Baron of Vo Mandor; Bastard of Vo Mandor
Small boy used to steal the orb
pprentice glassblower who made the crystal wren
Nyissan assassin; has a large scar on his face
Torak's great black sword
Queen of the World; Rivan Queen
Lost an arm at the Battle of Thull Mardu.Captain (later Colonel
King of the Alorns before Aloria was split up
Drasnian representative in Sthiss Tor in Nyissa.
First disciple grew this knight and apple tree
Tolnedran god
Mother of the Race That Died
King of Algaria
King of the Murgos
tolnedran court wizard
A Sendarian Arend who ends up marrying Zubrette
first disciples other daughter
Father of the seven gods
Queen of Cherek
Sendarian Queen; terrified of sea travel

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