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Can you name the following information about the belgariad?

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Who is the Eldest of 7 Gods?
Who is the God of the Alorns?
Who is the God of the Arends ?
Who is God of the Serpent People?
Who is the Weeping God?
Who is the Tolnedran God?
Actual name of Old Burnt Face?
Who is the new god of the angaraks?
Who is the Father of the Gods?
Actual name of the Isle of Winds:
What does 'kal' mean?
What is the Name of farmer who owns farm Garion grew up?
What is Silk's real name?
Belgarath's favorite animal form to take:
Who is the blonde daughter of Belgarath?
Who is the brunette daughter of Belgarath
What is the approximate age of Belgarath (in years)?
What is the Nickname of Cthol Mishrak
Type of structure the brotherhood of sorcerers live in?
Who was Garions childhood sweetheart?
Who is the child of Light?
What do dryads love? (belgarath gives them this)
Who is the queen of the world?
Who is the fattest king?
What animal does Barak turn into when Garion is in danger
Who is the man with two lives?
what occupation does the man with two lives have?
What society is Brill a member of?
What is another name for Cthrag Yaska
What is Belgarath's wife's name
What is David Edding's (author of the books) wifes first name

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