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What is the colour of Sue's tracksuit when we first see her in the pilot?
What is the name of coach Beistes sister?
What movie makes Will feel better when he is sick?
What song does Rachel sing when she is fired from her tv show in season 6 episode 1
where is Sunshine from?
which musical is Mike and Tina's duet in season 2 episode 4 from?
What is the only prince song sung in the show?
What does Mercedes have on her shirt when the glee club perform born this way?
What song do Puck and Quinn perform to get Kendra's kids to be quiet?
What is the first Whitney Houston song performed
What is the name of the second to last episode in season 6?
What song does Santanna sing in the season 5 episode 'The quaterback'?
Were do Tina and Mike first fall for each other?
What is the name of the Irish exchange student in season 3?
Who becomes the quaterback when Finn gets kicked off teh team in season 2
What 'Queen' song gets the new directions into a funk?
What is the first song the glee club performed with April Rhodes?
What is the musical the glee club put on which Mike is unable to take part in?
What song does Rachel try to sing but couldn't becaus eshe had lost her voice?
What original song do the glee club perform in the season 4 finale?
What is the only Beatles song sung in season 1?
How many episodes are there in season 6
What song do Rachel and Will sing together which causes Rachel to have a cush on Will?
What musical do Will and Brian Ryan audition for?
What song do Quinn and Sam perform together in season 2 episode 4
Which character convinces principle Figgins that she is a vampire?
Who plays Jake Puckerman
What is the name of the episode where Like a virgin is performed?
Who plays Emma Pilsbury?
Who plays Terry Schuster?
What is the name of the Philipino girl that is introduced in season 2 episode 1?
Who does Chris Colfer play?
What is the last song performed in the season 6 finale?
Who sneezes on principle Figgins, giving him the flu
What was the first song ever performed by the glee club?
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