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Character NamesMovie TitleYear
Clark, Ellen, Audrey, Bike Rider1985
Holly Golightly, Paul, O.J.1961
Charlie, Ice, Viper1986
Han Solo, Luke, Darth1977
Cameron Frye, Sloane Peterson, Ed Rooney1986
Westley, Vizzini, Fezzik1987
Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor, Ed Traxler1984
Remy, Emile, Gusteau2007
Gaston, Mrs. Potts, Maurice1991
Rose, Cal, Molly Brown1997
Samantha, Harry, Stanford2008
Emmett, Vivian, Warner2001
Kirk Lazarus, Tugg Speedman, Alpa Chino2008
Philip Stuckey, Kit De Luca, Edward Lewis1990
Cassandra, Garth, Benjamin1992
Character NamesMovie TitleYear
Sean Maguire, Chuckie Sullivan, Skylar1997
Marlin, Dory, Crush2003
Rick, Isla, Victor1942
Scott Thomas, Fiona, Cooper Harris2004
George Bailey, Mary Hatch, Mr. Potter1946
Frank Catton, Rusty Ryan, Linus Caldwell2001
Olive Hoover, Richard Hoover, Dwayne2006
Maria, Baroness, Brigitta1965
Melanie Smooter, Jake, Andrew2002
Billy Mack, Jamie, Juliet2003
Ennis, Jack, Alma2005
Vincent, Jules, Pumpkin1994
Mark Darcy, Daniel, Shazza2001
Roxie, Velma, Billy2002
Ginny, Ron, NevilleMultiple Years

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