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Can you name the Gen 1 Pokemon Gym Leaders by Opening Speech?

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Opening SpeechGym Leader
'Fwahaha! This is my hideout! I planned to resurrect team rocket here! But you have caught me again! So be it. This time I won't hold back!'
'Hi! You're a new face! Trainers who want to turn pro have to have a policy about pokemon. What is your approach when you catch pokemon?'
'Hey, kid! What do you think you're doing here? You won't live long in combat! That's for sure!'
'I had a vision of your arrival! I've had *Type* powers since I was a child!'
'Hah! I'm *Leader Name*! I'm the leader of the *City Name* gym! My fiery pokemon will incinerate all challengers!'
'I'm *Leader Name*! I'm *City Name*'s gym leader! I believe in rock hard defense and determination! That's why my pokemon are all the *type* type!'
'Fwahaha! A mere child like you dares to challenge me? Very well, I shall show you true terror as a ninja master!'
'Hello. Lovely weather isn't it? It's so pleasant... oh dear... I must've dosed off.'

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