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In the pilot, Jasper finds a sign on the ground. What does the sign say?
In 'Day Trip,' what does Monty say he fell in love with?
How many times does Bellamy say 'My sister, my responsibility?'
Who is the first person of the 100 on Earth?
What is the first animal the 100 see?
According to Murphy, what are his ABC's?
What year did nuclear war begin?
What is the age gap between Bellamy and Octavia?
At the end of Season 1, Clarke is taken to Mount Weather. Who is the first person she sees there?
Whose ashes does Jasper spill in Season 3?
Who was Octavia's first love on Earth?
In Season 2, Bellamy impersonates a soldier in Mount Weather. Whose uniform does he take?
After the Grounder battle in season 1, how many of the 100 are left?
Jaha stays behind on the Ark so the rest of the people can go to Earth. Who was originally prepared to stay?
Lincoln leaves a trail of ___ for Octavia in Season 1.
What is 'blood must have blood' in Trigedasleng?
What was Maya's last name?
Finish this line: 'Fears are fears. Slay your ___ in your sleep.'
For how many days was Murphy held by the Grounders in Season 1?
Murphy was hung by this material, but he also used it to save Bellamy.
What is Bellamy and Octavia's mother's name?
What did Bellamy do to get on the dropship?
Bellamy originally wanted to be a guard. After Octavia was discovered, he was demoted to what position?
What did the Blakes do on the Ark?
While alone on the Ark, Jaha holds on to what he considers a piece of his son. What is it?
Bellamy's main mission in Mount Weather is to ____
How many planets does Lexa have tattooed on her back?
What does Jasper find weird about the dropship landing?
What is the time span of season 1?
How long is the time skip between seasons 2 and 3?

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