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observo, observāre
conspicio, conspicere
trado, tradere
repello, repellere
caveo, cavēre
promitto, promittere
scribo, scribere
lego, legere
pero, petere
gero, gerere
duco, ducere
purgo, purgāre
pono, ponere
tempto, temptāre
consulo, consulere
coquo, coquere
mitto, mittere
reprehendo, reprehendere
gemo, gemere
timeo, timēre
audio, audīre
sedeo, sedēre
soleo, solēre
advenio, advenīre
terrero, terrēre
dormio, dormīre
surgo, surgere
lucet, lucēre
laboro, laborāre
curo, curāre
facio, facere
doceo, docēre
cado, cadere
iacio, iacere
habeo, habēre
venio, venīre
adiuvo, adiuvāre
incito, incitāre
video, vidēre
porto, portāre
curro, currere
excipio, excipere
descendo, discendere
induo, induere
discedo, discedere
ascendo, ascendere
erro, errāre
traho, trahere
rideo, ridēre
arripio, arripere
sto, stāre
maneo, manēre
ambulo, ambulāre
iubeo, iubēre
vexo, vexāre

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