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Can you name the words that end in -NCE?

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Happens only one time
Name of a popular Green Day song
One might do this to garlic
Another word for passing gas
The act of moving to a rhythm
Italian city which is also the capital of Tuscany
Terrible band that sang 'Bring Me to Life'
Cultural movement in history that began in #6
Result of one's actions
Lady Gaga's song about a dysfunctional love
The possiblity of something happening
'Irreplaceable' and 'Single Ladies' singer
Lack of noise
Moving quickly away from a surface after hitting it
Style, grace, poise
Multiple coins of one-cent value
First name of the man the Super Bowl trophy is named after
Unit of weight measurement
Food, particularly food that is necessary for survival
Where something or someone originates
African American magazine geared towards women
To begin
This type of store may sell gum, snacks, drinks, cigarettes, etc.
The United States sought this on July 4, 1776
A noun and a verb creates one of these
A meeting where people attempt to communicate with the dead
The length between two objects
Subtlety or a fine distinction
One example would be Chanel No. 5
Someone who is already engaged
An upright barrier typically made of wood
If one wears this type of hat, he might be publicly humiliated as a result of his stupidity
British Columbia is an example
A group of spectators at a show may be called this

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