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Can you name the album by the poor translation of three of its most iconic songs?

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TranslationsAlbumStarting Songs
Anarchy in the kingdom of God, Queen of the support is too vague
Paranoid robot police did not surprise popularity
Modern people are used to waiting, we are ready to begin
Blue Moon Women's Shoes
Black dog battle ladder to Heaven forever
Do you like any of them and the color of our currency
Back in the rehabilitation of black love is a game of failure
TranslationsAlbumStarting Songs
Dance of the paparazzi just love the game
I was cleaning my closet no Superman
Girls love the material, do not live here, and the U.S. Virgin
Urban politics and suicidal rock star
London repression of vein calling
This will create the battery, a stone waterfall
Beijing a little help from my friends in the sky with diamonds Lucy Peppers

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