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Can you name the the characters from The Mighty Boosh based on the quote?

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QuoteCharacterSeries seen in
'Oww! my hat's on fire!'1 & 3
'I'm not short am I? See, I'm a big 'un...I am four foot six without shoosies'2
(Whispers)'I hate you'1
'ohhhhhhh, love love' 'I'll be back to varnish you later you pine tart'2
'It will take the rest of your life, and beyond'2
'You will feel my pugilistic rage on your face'1
'Tell me a story with your nose!' 'Who the f*ck is John Simm?!' 3
'Trapped in a box by a cockney nutjob'1, 2 & 3
'Bravo, so much rage, so much anger. It was at this moment that I realised I had found the man for my next project. He was the one'3
'60-40...Nothing my pretty'1
'Put away those fiery biscuits!'1 & 2
'Why don't you stick around, little tequila, little bit of free love2
'Cheese is a kind of meat!'1
'I did a tummy shame'3
'Call it 58.30...I have specific needs'3
'Ohh, it was all salty, I'm freshwater'1
'He's so bright, milky white, shining down upon the ground... Jupiter! Jupiter! I did a song, you 'ant got one, I feel sick'2 & 3
'look deep in to the parka'1 & 3
(Who was in there with you?) 'A young and handsome man...Oh Dennis'3
'This is sheer liquid wonderment'1
'Just stop dissing the hats ok, you're making me very cross, Vince1
'Shut it small hair, you ever heard of root boost?'3
'what'd you call these little fellas then, Chinese Chedder?'3
'how's your pauline?'1
'No! Animals should never be kept in cages!'1
'Hello Vince' 'The world is big enough for two'1 & 3
'I'm the fittest, the strongest, the fastest warrior in all the land'2
QuoteCharacterSeries seen in
(Scottish accent)'Get away from me, right?'1
'Oh, I appear to be on fire!'1
'I'll come at you like the northern bullet' 'Coming at you sir, like a beam, like a buzzard, like a ray'1, 2 & 3
'Feel my Vinyl tendrils' 'windy, windy nice and slow' (Taped over with the snooker)2
'I'm gonna have to turn my back on you...Let that be a lesson to you'1, 2 & 3
'Hello, Dear' (Evil Cakes Firey Lakes.....)2
'Look at them shine'1
'This is an Outrage!!!!!'2 & 3
'I cover myself in peanut butter, he has an allergy'2
'You know nothing of the crunch'2 & 3
'Hold me'1
'Prepare to die you prancing tit!' 'Ah there you are you prancing kingfisher, prepare to die' 2 & 3
(An erotic adventurer from the fourth dimension)2 & 3
'I have read your sentence. It was an absolute tour de force'1
'You know the black bits in bananas, are they tarantulas' eggs?' 1, 2 & 3
'You ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe?' 'I got a mangina!'2
'I got a bad feeling about this'1, 2 & 3
'oh the talkie stick, your voice was trapped in there this mornin'2
'Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo, hello'3
'...and that's why I don't like cricket'1, 2 & 3
'Come on, mind your feet, mind your feet, thank you' (Cameo)2
'Women love men with knockers' '3
'fortunately I had a pistol hidden in my moustache'1
'Trumpets, trumpets and bookmarks'1
(Australian accent) 'I've just passed the Chamealion boudoir' 1

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