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The Chosen One?
Who marries??
Whose first relationship was with??
Whose house was??
Whose founder was (first name)??
Who was her daughters killer??
Where he found and killed her??
What did she hide there??
What it was destroyed by??
Who destroyed it??
Who is the 'bodyguard' of??
Who marries??
Who is the sister of??
Who does her charms O.W.L. with??
Whose parents are now called??
Whose old house was searched by??
Who did he work with to arrest muggle borns??
Who invented what position at Hogwarts??
Where she sacked??
Who was replaced by??
Who was a candidate chosen by??
Who was the only one who ever feared??
Whose alleged lover was??
Who was killed by??
Whose brothers were??
Who were killed by??
Who broke whose nose??
Who destroyed which horcrux??
Who killed??
Who loved??
Whose best friend was (not Snape)??
Who was attacked by dark magic by who??
Who specialised in what??
Which was put on the trio by which teacher??
Who had the same curse put on him by which ministry member??
Whos assistant was??
Whose girlfriend was??
Who was asked for directions to the Slytherin common room by??
Who destroyed which horcrux??
With which historical artefact??
Which was stolen from the trio by??
Who escaped from the snatchers with which person??
Whose best friend was??
Who was the only Gryffindor in Harry's year not to be a part of which organisation??
Which was founded in which pub??
Whose owner bought a mirror from who??
Who also got barred 20 years by who??
Who sent which house elf to Malfoy Manor??
Who gets killed at whose house??
Who were both part of the plan put in place by who to get Harry to the Burrow (7th book)??
Who was working to protect who??

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