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Can you the finish the episode rhyme from the 1966 TV show, Batman?

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Hi Diddle Diddle / Smack in the ________
Fine Feathered Finks / The Penguin's a _______
The Joker is Wild / Batman is _______
Instant Freeze / Rats Like _______
Zelda the Great / A Death Worse Than _______
A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away / When the Rat's Away the Mice Will _______
The 13th Hat / Batman Stands _______
The Joker Goes To School / He Meets His Match, the Grisly _______
True or False-Face / Holy Rat _______
The Purr-Fect Crime / Better Luck Next _______
The Penguin Goes Straight / Not Yet He _______
The Ring of Wax / Give 'em the _______
The Joker Trumps the Ace / Batman Sets the _______
The Curse of Tut / Pharaoh's in a _______
The Bookworm Turns / While Gotham City _______
Death in slow Motion / The Riddler's False _______
Fine Finny Fiends / Batman Makes the _______
Shoot a Crooked Arrow / Walk the Straight and _______
Hot Off the Griddle / The Cat and the _______
The Spell of Tut / Tut's Case is _______
The Devil's Fingers / The Dead's _______
The Impractical Joker / The Joker's _______
Come Back Shame / It's the Way You Play the _______
The Penguin's Nest / The Bird's Last _______
The Cat's Meow / The Bat's Kow _______
The Puzzles Are Coming / The Duo Is _______
The Sandman Cometh / The Catwoman _______
The Contaminated Cowl / The Mad Hatter Runs _______
The Zodiac Crimes / The Joker's Hard _______
Penguin Is a Girl's Best friend / Penguin Sets a Trend/Penguin's Disastrous _______
The Joker's Last Laugh / The Joker's _______
Catwoman Goes to College / Batman Displays His _______
A Piece of the Action / Batman's _______
King Tut's Coup / Batman's _______
Black Widow Strikes Again / Caught in the Spider's _______
Pop Goes the Joker / Flop Goes the _______
Ice Spy / The Duo _______

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