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Can you name the spells in Harry Potter?

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effectspelldifficulty(out of ten)
patronus charm1
tortures the target; unforgivable1
shield charm2
summoning charm2
creates a beam of light from the wand tip2
stunning spell2
repairs broken objects3
hangs the target by their ankles in midair3
causes an object to move downwards3
unlocks doors3
tears the targeted object3
casts fire from the wand3
injures the target as if slashed by a sword 4
powerfully explodes the targeted object4
negates the effects of spells4
impediment jinx4
full body-bind curse4
boggart-banishing spell5
heals minor wounds5
casts a jet of water out of the wand tip5
summons the dark mark5
effectspelldifficulty(out of ten)
seals a door5
binds the target with ropes5
causes the targets legs to dance uncontrollably6
causes the target to release what their holding6
leaves fiery marks6
causes a small explosion; can break locks6
magnifies the voice of the caster6
conjures a bouquet of flowers out of the wand6
blasting curse6
counter-charm to levicorpus7
vanishing charm7
casts red sparks out of the wand7
creates powerful downward pressure, crushing the target7
conjures a bandage or a splint on the target8
makes invisible ink visible8
spider-killing curse8
powerful shield spell against dark magic9
clears the target's airway9
cushioning charm9
flattens stairs to form a ramp10
animates statues to do the caster's will10

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