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Can you name the mashed up TV shows created by adding together the numbers in each show title?

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First ShowMash-upSecond Show
Reality show about teenage girls and their partiesReality show about teenage girls and their fetuses
Police procederal by the creators of Dragnet focusing on the typical day of an LAPD unitPolice procedural focusing on youthful looking undercover cops
Fox teen drama about a group of orphaned siblingsCBS sitcoms about a pair of cupcake-making roommates
Australian soap opera considered the first series to have an openly gay characterNBC Tina Fey vehicle
Captain Sisko heads a United Federation space station in this showRevered Eric Camden heads a family in this WB family drama
Mockumentary series about a Nevada sheriff's departmentABC show about two former secret agents who become private detectives in LA
Fox drama that spawned a whole shared universe, including Models Inc and Melrose PlaceWB/CW drama starring Chad Michael Murray
Space opera set on a 5-mile long space station, created by J. Michael StraczynskiCBS sitcom formerly starring Charlie Sheen
Nickelodeon series set in a Malibu boarding schoolNickelodeon series about a bully transformed into a dog who must perform good deeds
Cartoon series about a young boy whose watch allows him to transform into alien speciesGame show that pits a lone contestant against a mob of other players
CBS drama about two friends driving across the USHBO show about a family funeral business
British comedy series where celebrities condemn their pet hates to oblivionAmerican newsmagazine program that's been on air since 1968
British-Italian sci-fi series about a moonbase trapped after the moon gets blasted out of orbitSupernatural drama about a demonic Manhattan apartment building
Longest running American sci-fi seriesAmerican science education show run by the Children's Television Workshop
Animated Marvel series about Reed Richards, Sue & Johnny Storm, and Ben GrimmABC sitcom about roommates Jack, Chrissy, and Janet
Reality series about a family with eight children (twins and sextuplets) - later renamed after a divorceScripted comedy-drama series about a family with eight children
ABC sitcom about a party girl who constantly runs scams - and the roommate they didn't work onABC about baby boomers in their thirties
A large group of humans suddenly returned after supposedly being abducted by aliensA small group of aliens tries to assimilate and study humans in Ohio
A reality show in which families with unruly children call out for helpSitcom starring John Ritter until his death

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