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Can you name the 90's Nicktoon Characters by What They Wear?

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baggy jeans, yellow shirt with an 'N' on it, black glassesBoy
green shirt, blue cap, red undershirt Boy
green flannel, ripped blue jeans, orange undershirtGirl
light blue t-shirt, diaperBoy
pink dress, white under shirt, pink bowGirl
blue shirt with a 'planet', purple glasses, green shortsBoy
yellow t-shirt, red shorts, green head bandBoy
purple dress, purple sneakers, blue tights with green polka dotsGirl
blue jeans, red long sleeve shirt withthe number 33, tall hairBoy
long red dress, green glasses, big red hairGirl
white shirt, green vest, brown shortsBoy
yellow shirt w/ red pockets, big circular glasses, wears braidsGirl
leopard print shorts, wears no shirtBoy
dark pink shirt with a rocket on it, green camaflauge pants, usually has sunglasses in hairGirl
blue shirt w/ purple triangles, red shoesBoy
square body, red tie, white shirt, and brown pants Boy
green corduroy, pink bow tie, pink shoes Girl
blue jersey, green shorts, red helmet w/ wingsBoy
blue and white striped tank top, blue shortsBoy
green corduroy, blue shoes, smallduck on corduroyBoy

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