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Statue brought to life by David Blaine
Randy's biggest baseball rival
Cartman's Super Hero Alter Ego
Animal voiced by George Clooney
Jimmy's on-stage anatomy problem
Cartman's Christian rock band
'Startling' Monsters in the Pandemic
How Cartman studies for the spelling bee
Helped Barack Obama and John McCain steal the Hope Diamond
'The Biggest Douche in the Universe'
Fast food chain that was close and re-opened due to a medicinal cannabis dispensary
Mr. Garrison's gerbil
Al Gore's arch nemesis
Jimbo Kern's best friend
Gaming console in Towelie's first episode
Butter's Villainous Alter Ego
Kills herself after The Snuke was removed
First to defeat Barbara Streisand
Chef's evil ex-girlfriend
The 200th episode's 'Fudge Packer'
What the gnomes stole from Tweek
Jimmy's last name
The boys destory its heart that 'lies beyond that plasma screen television'
Mrs. Garrison's 'scissoring' partner
Final decisive facebook game
People who appeared to have pink eye

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