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Year Released
Tag Line
Name of the Country Club
Judge's name
Judge's grandson
Actor who plays the judge
'Fifty bucks the Smails kid _____' (3 words)
The judge's partner in the final match
Actor who plays Al Czervik
What does Al Czervik 'break' in the final match?
Song that Al Czervik plays from his golfbag
Ty Webb believes that hitting a ball onto a brid's beak is considered good luck in this country
'Right in the _____ Danny'
The person that Carl Spackler says he caddied for
'Check me if I'm wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the _____ they'll lock me up and throw away the key.'
What's that sign say?
What's THAT sign say?
Who is sent to help the judge find his checkbook?
Al Czervik's friend who takes pictures
Can you make a bullshot?
Name of the Judge's boat
Caddy Day lasts from 1:00 until...
Who is the only character to mention the word 'caddyshack?'

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