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What is the 1st victim's name?
Who is Amity's Chief of Police?
Who is Amity's Mayor?
Who is Amity's Harbor Master?
What was the 2nd victim's name?
How musch is the bounty offered by Mrs. Kintner?
What is the 3rd victim's name?
What is the locals nickname for tourists?
What is the Chief's wfie's name?
How much money does Quint want to kill the shark?
Quint wants a case of what on board his boat?
What is the name of Quint's boat?
Where is the 4th victim killed?
Who does the voice of the Amity Point Lifestation Worker?
Who plays the beach reporter?
What is the name of the boat that Hooper is going to leave the island for?
What was the mechanical shark's nickname on set?
How big does Hooper say the tooth that he pulled out of Ben Gardner's boat was?
What was the name of the dog who got killed by the shark?
What kind of shark was caught and originally thought to be the killer shark?
What knid of ice cream does Michael want at the hospital?
What kind of shark does Matt Hooper catch as a kid?

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