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A visual way of comparing information in which two different quantities are represented by the lengths of bars.
A graphical method of showing the joint distribution of two variables in which each point on the graph represents a pair of values.
A variable whose values depend on the independent variable (vertical axis)
A straight-line graph that best represents a set of data
The apparent relationship between two variables
A linear model used to fit a line to a data set. The line is fit only to key point calculated using medians.
The process of fitting a line or curve to a set of data
A variable whose values are arbitrarily chosen. (Horizontal axis)
A number from +1 to -1 that gives the strength and direction of the relationship between two variables. Notation: (r)
The vertical distance between a data point and the line of best fit.
Refers to the entire group about which data is being collected.
Information providing the basis of a discussion from which conclusions can be drawn.
Part of a population that is selected to gain information about the whole population.
The number of times an event occurs of the number of items in a given category.
A category or division used for grouping a set of observations
A set of values of a variable, together with the frequency of each value.
A table listing a variable together with the frequency of each value.
A measure of proportion in a pie chart.
A horizontal representation of the spread of a distribution of data.
The middle value in a frequency distribution.
A number from +1 that gives the relative strength of the relationship between two variables. i.e. if r^2 – 0.67, this will mean that 67% of the variation of the dependant is due
A pattern of average behavior that occurs over time
This occurs when one variable directly affects another.

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