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CharacterActorAbout The Character
Philip J. FryFalls into a cryogenic freezer & stays frozen till the last day of the year 2999.
Turanga LeelaCaptain of Planet Express Ship.
Bender Bending RodriguezRobot. An (As described by Leela) 'alcoholic, ****-mongering, chain-smoking gambler'
Hubert J. FarnsworthGreat (x30) Nephew of Fry. Proprietor of Planet Express.
Doctor ZoidbergHe is a crustacean-like alien from the planet Decapod 10. Staff doctor at Planet Express.
Hermes ConradManages Planet Express.
Amy WongIntern at Planet Express (Apparently kept around because she has same blood type as Prof. Farnsworth)
Barbados SlimHermes arch rival.
CalculonFamous robot. Star of All My Circuits.
Cubert FarnsworthFarnsworths clone.
Ogden WernstromFarnsworths rival. Former student of Farnsworth.
Kif KrokerZapp Brannigans assistant.
LrrrRuler of planet Omicron Persei 8.
MomManager and owner of 99.7% of MomCorp.
NibblerLeelas pet.
Richard NixonPresident. Head in a jar.
Turanga MorrisLeelas father.
Turanga MundaLeelas mother.
Zapp BranniganCaptain of the starship Nimbus and also a senior member of the military of the D.O.O.P
ScruffyPlanet Express janitor.
Al GoreAl Gore. Head in a jar.
Dwight ConradSon of Hermes & LaBarbara Conrad
Father Changstein-El-GamalPriest in the First Amalgamated Church.
ElzarFamous four-armed Neptunian chef
FlexoLooks like Bender... but with a goatee!!
Hattie McDoogalOld woman who lives alone with her cats.
HedonismbotA golden robot built in a lounging position that displays the typical characteristics of hedonism and decadence
CharacterActorAbout The Character
Horrible Gelatinous BlobA three-eyed, green, translucent, ill-tempered alien
HyperchickenA large blue/green rooster-like attorney with southern mannerisms.
KwanzaabotRobot Santas Kwanza analogue.
Chanukah ZombieRobot Santas Hanukkah analogue
LaBarbara ConradHermes Conrads wife
Leo WongAmy Wongs father.
Inez WongAmy Wongs mother.
LindaCo-anchor of √2 News with Morbo
Malfunctioning EddyRuns a hover-car dealership. His head explodes alot.
MorboThe lovable human-hating anchor for √2 News, Entertainment and Alien Invasion Tonight, Good Morning Earth, and other shows on the √2 Television Network
Mr. PanucciOwner of Panuccis Pizza
Nibblonian KenA main nibblonian
Nibblonian FionaA main nibblonian
Reverend PreacherbotA preacher at the Temple of Robotology
RobertoCriminally insane, psychotic robot.
Robot DevilThe leader of Robot Hell.
The DonbotLeader of the robot mafia.
ClampsMember of the robot mafia who is unstable and obsessed with using the clamps that act as his hands
Joey MousepadMember of the robot mafia who is a burly goonbot wearing a computer-mouse necklace
Robot SantaA robot Santa.
Sala surly, overweight, blue-collar worker with a thick Bronx accent
Tinny TimAn orphan-bot.
SmittyPoliceman partnered with URL
URLRobot policeman partnered with Smitty.
Yancy Fry, JrFry's brother
Big BrainThe brain that Fry traps in a book.

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