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Forced Order
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CharacterActorAbout The Character
Buffy Anne SummersThe Slayer, one in a long line of young girls chosen by fate to battle evil forces.
Alexander 'Xander' LaVelle HarrisBest friends with Buffy & Willow. He possesses no supernatural power.
Willow RosenbergBuffys best friend who eventually becomes a wicca and a lesbian.
Rupert GilesBuffys watcher.
Cordelia ChaseA popular cheerleader. She eventually becomes part of the Scooby Gang and for a little while is in a relationship with Xander.
Joyce SummersBuffys mother.
Angel/Angelus/LiamA vampire with a soul. He falls in love with Buffy.
Faith LehaneA rogue Slayer.
Daniel 'Oz' OsbourneA werewolf and Willows first and only boyfriend.
William 'The Bloody'/SpikeA vampire who has killed a few slayers but falls in love with Buffy.
Aud/Anyanka/Anya Christina Emanuella JenkinsAt times a vengeance demon. Her and Xander were engaged but at their wedding Xander left her at the altar.
DarlaA vampire who sired Angel
Riley FinnA soldier with the initiative. One of Buffys boyfriends.
CharacterActorAbout The Character
Dawn Summers'The Key' and Buffys younger sister.
Tara MaclayA wiccan and Willows first and only girlfriend.
DrusillaA vampire who was driven insane by Angelus and then sired by him.
Mayor Richard Wilkins IIIThe mayor who turns into a snake at graduation.
Professor Maggie WalshBuffys psychology professor and leader of the initiative.
Warren MearsA main villian & leader of 'the trio'
Glory/GlorificusAn evil hellgod who wants 'the Key'
Jonathan LevinsonMember of 'the trio'. Really short.
Andrew WellsMember of 'the trio'. Later becomes allies with the Scoobies.
CalebA preacher who served as a vessel for 'The First'
Jenny CalenderHighschool computer teacher and a member of the gypsy tribe who cursed Angel. Shes in love with Giles
Wesley Wyndam-PriceFaiths watcher.
Harmony KendallA vapid high school companion to Cordelia Chase, who becomes a humorously inept vampire

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