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for most breeds, the horse will reach sexual maturity at approximately _____ years old
before a horse starts learning to be ridden or driver, it should have
training a horse to have ground manners takes between ____ to ____ months of consistent daily work (1-2/2-3)
finish a horse's ground manners can take ______ months to years depending on the horse's vices and availability and frequencey it is exposed to (two, three, four, five)
what word describes the process in which the knees are fully developed
a good breaking takes (three to six, three to eight, six to eight) months
once the horse starts working, it needs to be taught to accept the ____ and the ____
the age age of four or five, the horse is almost completely
at this age too, it is felt that the horse is more sensible and easiery to train since it is
at age ____is when many horses begin their careers and can handle the advanced training of demanding sports like jumping, dressage, distance riding, polo and high speed/impact work
a good _____ horse can be exposed to the worst cnditions and keep his cool and be controlled
it probably takes about 1-2 years for a great ____ horse to be predictable
some trainers say it takes up to two years to develop the correct ____ muscles
thoroughbreds mature slightly earlier/later than quarter horses and other similar breeds
they are broken to ride starting at around ____ (fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen) motnhs of age
so they are ready to race as a (one, two, three or four year old)
some ______ and draft horses mature later than average
and may not be broke to ride or pull wagons until they are ___-____ (two to three, three to four) years old
treadmill studies show that a horses age beyond ____, their max aerobic capacity declines
the best way to retire a horse is to _____ decrease his activity level, based on his changing physical abilities
young thoroughbreds start to train in the _____ of their 1-year-old year
the first step of training is so-called '____' to accustom the horse to being handled and ridden
following that, training intensity is ______ gradually
the main goal of thoroughbred trainers is to prepare the horse to be a
most thoroughbred training regimens can, generally, be divided into ____ phases of training:
endurance training at speeds less than 600 meters per minute
combined aerobic and anaerobic training at 0-80% of maximal speed
anaerobic training for development of speed and acceleration
phase one may last from ____ to ____ months, with improvements in aerobic capcity seen in the first 6-8 weeks
it is performed at slow canters at heart rates below ____ beats per minute
phase 1 improves ________ fitness and trains musculoskeletal structures decreasing the future risk of injuries
in phase two, horses are trained with intensities up to ____ beats per minute
and above ____% of VO2 max
this phase can be accomplished in (60-90/90-120) days
phase three often reaches V200 which means the running velocity at a heart rate of ____ bpm at VO2 max levels
continuous training performed at the racetrack involves distances from a ___, half and 1 mile or more
________ training involves using multiple exercise bouts separated by relatively short recovery periods where the heart rate drops below 100bpm
younger individuals possess more/less blood volume and do/don't have the oxygen carrying capacity of older mature horses
____ (furosemid)is an antibleeding medication
used by veterinarians in horse racing to prevent _______ bleeding in hroses running at high speed
the animal's robust heart and contractile ______ work together, pumping vast amounts of blood into the blood vessels of the _____
it is estimated that around ____ percent of racehorses experience at least some amount of bleeding
alternative horse usage is ____ and ____'s ____ production
pregnancy lasts between (229-335/336-342/343-361)days
during what time of day?
pasture foaling is (more/less) labor with (more/less) human help compared to stable
colostrum needs to be consumed how quickly after birth?
weaning takes ___ to ____ months
imprinting behavior starts within __ hours
stallions start breeding at (1-2/3-4/4-5/5-6) years of age
brood mares are usually breed for the first time as (1/2/3/4) years old, and foal at about (2/3/4/5) years old
brood mares will usually produce foals until (12-14/14-16) years of age
estrus cycle is ___ days
a room to store equipment is a
which two minerals are in a high percentage in horse meat? (Fe, Cl, S, Zn)

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